Cross Driven Radio Podcast 80: A New Beginning


We are back with the October episode titled A New Beginning.  It just dawned on me as I write this that we feature a new song from German Pascual’s brand new record, A New Beginning.

It wasn’t my intent to tie this in, but I chose this title because Cross Driven Radio is going to be changing in the new year.  In the time I have been doing radio and podcasting I have always tried to stick within the Christian rock genre, which is a great thing, but it also a hard thing because it is hard to do a series of shows and not get much new music coming in.

So, I am going to cast a wider net and add some positive, but secular music from around the world to the mix.  Cross Driven will still be around, but will continue in the monthly format and be Worship / Pop oriented.  I am going to start a new show which will focus more on the Metal end of things.  More news on that next month.

Here is this month’s playllist:

My Sweet Jesus – Harvest Bloom
Nailed – Theocracy
The Wrath Of God – German Pascual
Breakdown – Random Hero
To Crawl Or To Fly – Soulspell
Psychadelic Runaway – Guardian
Not Far Away – Rough Draft
Clemency – Overcome

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Cross Driven Radio Podcast 79: We Were On A Break!


After a rather lengthy hiatus, we are back with a brand new episode of Cross Driven Radio.  There has been quite a bit going on in my personal life, and to be quite honest, I lost the passion for podcasting.  In the time away, I realized that it was something I enjoyed doing, but sometimes new music is just so hard to come by.  I decided that I am going to try and post one new show around the 15th of the month.

If you are a techie and like WordPress, I am starting a new weekly podcast that is all about WordPress themes, look for that in the coming weeks.  Now, here is the playlist:

  • Entrance / Fugue State – Pellek
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Cross Driven Radio Podcast 78: Theocracy, Golden Resurrection


After 3 1/2 months we are back with another episode of Cross Driven Radio.  When I made that last blog post on December 15, I really thought that I was done with music podcasting.  For a while I didn’t miss it, but over the last couple of weeks I have started to have the desire to start podcasting again.

One thing that will be different this time around is that I will only be producing 1 show per month which will be uploaded on the First of the month.  There is the possibility that I will add a bonus show or 2 in during the month with interviews and other special content, but the show on the first is a definite.  The other change is that the shows will be around 60 minutes in length.  I was recently contacted by a radio station. and there is a possibility that I may be doing a radio show once again.

I’m not sure about the future, but I am sure that this episode rocks, here’s the playlist:


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